Pure Forskolin Extract For Weight Loss – The Health Benefits of Coleus Forskohlii Explained

Coleus Forskohlii’s Root Extract Forskolin Explained

Everyone that has came to us has wanted to know the nature and natural evolution of this now infamously associated with being a fat burning miracle in a bottle for faster weight loss results. But let’s step back from the hype and help you decipher truth from deception.

Pure Forskolin Extract or Coleus Forskohlii by its latin equivalent, is the chemical found in the roots of Plectranthus Barbatus, a tropical plant and a derivative of the mint family. It is primarily an Indian plant and has been used for centuries in traditional ayurvedic medicine to help alleviate all kinds of ailments and conditions. Its all round effects and benefits have been highlighted through many cases but only more recently have scientific studies come forth primarily on animals which have shown some cases of improved health for a variety of illnesses.

Pure Forskolin Extract has been genuinely praised as an all round health supplement for an array of ailments ranging from heart disease and hearing loss to asthma and ringworm. Dr OZ, the famous U.S-based health doctor and TV host hailed it as “lightening in a bottle”, which inevitably sparked a wide array of reviews about forskolin which since then has skyrocketed in the health and wellness industry online regarding all of its beneficial properties and herbal qualities (especially as a legitimate fat burning supplement). Knowing how it works will give us an indication as to why it makes our body tick and how it can help our bodies shift fat in a more natural environment.

Forskolin Extract – Does It Help Your Health?

The potent forskolin is behind the stimulation of an enzyme called adenylate cyclase or otherwise known as cAMP for short. This enzyme functions primarily on a cellular level and as a multi functional instrument in the way the body generates new processes. cAMP is responsible for how cells communicate with each other and it is because of this quality that it is widely known now in the western world as a hormone stimulant that aids in the burning of fat cells. The other medicinal benefits of forskolin extract is what kicks starts the body into functioning better. cAMP also belongs to the“second messenger” family and these second messengers help to improve brain function because they increase neurotransmitters.Young people who live a healthy lifestyle can burn fat and generate muscle much faster than older people can.

An older person is more susceptible to gaining weight because the whole body functions at a slower rate, but when he or she starts speeding up the body’s processes with the help of forskolin then the weight management attributes are similar to those of a younger person. In alignment with ancient and traditional medicine where a more holistic approach to eradicating a problem is used, we see that coleus forskolin helps to combat weight challenges from multiple angles in whole body manner. A western medicinal approach would purely use medicine to directly combat weight loss as opposed to traditional medicinal practices which would look at making the whole body function in a more efficient manner which would in turn induce healthy weight loss.

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The Health Benefits of Pure Forskolin Extract

If the body functions better in general, this in itself can trigger a chain reaction in all areas of our health including weight loss. According to some scientists based on two main studies done on humans (one on a team of women and one on a team of men), forskolin itself is not a direct stimulant for weight loss, but because of the chain reaction it triggers on a cellular level it can certainly aid in the fat burning process. When cells can communicate with each other more efficiently and vital organs are working at higher optimum levels fat burning or the conversion of fat to muscle mass becomes effortlessly natural.

The study tested on men showed that testosterone levels on men taking the coleus forskohlii extract increased, this in itself assisted the conversion of fat into muscle mass. While the weight of these men may not have drastically changed, it was the composition of fat to muscle mass that did end up changing and this is the factor that resulted in weight loss.

The case study tested on the women on the other hand showed neither a loss or a gain in weight, but it did show the improvement of the ever hard to reach belly jiggle or belly fat. As a result many bodybuilding groups and women around the globe swear by its weight management properties.

As there is no straight panacea for weight loss on its own, pure forskolin is safe to use for the majority of adults but those with low blood pressure, or pregnant ladies and nursing mothers are not recommended to use it for obvious reasons.


Coleus Forskohlii Studied Benefits in a Nutshell

Let’s recap and underline why natural forskolin extract could be most beneficial in a weight management program as opposed to short cut diets and more drastic hands on approaches.

Forskolin allows the body to communicate and heal itself on a cellular level, thus aiding the body to work by itself in a more efficient way.

It is a herbal product that carries no side affects harmful to adults that would otherwise be caused by chemical pills or tablets.

The increase in neurotransmitters in the brain means that improved brain function can cause the stimulation of all sorts of new and fresh commands that will overall create better judgement with a stronger resolve to live a healthier cleaner life. A balanced mind will inevitably create a balanced body.

It would be much cheaper to go on a course of utilizing coleus forskohlii than to go on a crash diet that would only generate another cycle of weight problems. Working on the vital organs of the body will allow for cleaner arteries and better circulation which in itself helps to increase the burning of fat over time.

An in vitro case study within the actual plant showed that it helped generate the fat burning process otherwise known as lipolysis in its medical term.

We can gain conclusive evidence that Pure Forskolin Extract can be used as an aid in a weight management program as part of your daily weight loss regimen. Always seek medical advice before embarking on any weight loss journey.

Fiber Vs Resistant Starch Review – Research & Insight Into Fiber Health

The misconceptions of Fiber and it’s connection with resistant starch

Many people assume that fiber has what is called “resistant starch.” This isn’t true. Resistant starch are foods that your body can’t digest at all. Examples of this would be seeds, potatoes, corn, and so forth. These foods cannot be broken down properly.

Fiber and resistant starch have similar effects. These effects can provide beneficial effects to the human body. Some of these health benefits can improve the digestion process, how the human body reacts to how it receives insulin, and the fluctuations of blood sugar.

There are many types of resistant starch. They are classified in types. We’ll be using the term resistance when referring to these types.

  • First Resistance – These are found in food such as rice, nuts, and seeds.
  • Second Resistance – Second resistance can be found in potatoes and some fruits.
  • Third resistance – This effects occur when a food’s atomic structure changes due to temperature fluctuations. Otherwise, known as cooking, boiling, grilling, and so forth.
  • Fourth Resistance – Caused by artificial processes.

Different types of resistances can be found when looking at any type of food. There are different variables that affect the resistance level of a food. These variables: age, the time it takes for the food to become ripe, the form of the food changing because of external factors, and so much more. The resistance level will change depending on these variables.

How does resistance interact with the digestive system?

Whenever a human being consumes food that contains any amount of resistance – your digestive system goes into overdrive then it normally would. The system does what it can to absorb nutrients from the food that you consumed. Unfortunately, your digestive system usually fails and the food that contains the resistance reaches your intestines. Luckily, we harbor bacteria inside our bodies that help us assist foods that contain resistance. The bacteria is called gut flora. (1)

An interesting fact is that the number of bacteria within our digestive system has more cells then human cells. Since, our digestive system fails to digest the food that contains the resistance – the gut flora steps in to do the job. (2)

The gut flora plays a critical job to give us nutrients that we otherwise wouldn’t get. The foods that contain the resistance property actually gives us 9/10 cells in our body, that your cell needs to survive. The gut flora is able to survive and eat inside our body, and we get to enjoy the new nutrients as a result. It’s a cooperative relationship.

The resistance provides a nice source of food for the bacteria that reside in our gut. It encourages all sorts of organisms in our body to survive and flourish. These aren’t harmful bacteria either. These are bacteria that assist us in many ways that our human body can’t. Many of these organisms use our body as an ecosystem in order to survive.(3) (4) And, as a result of the work that the bacteria does for our body – we enjoy many health benefits. The resistance plays an interesting role in allowing this to happen.

When the bacteria consumes and breaks down food that contains the resistance property, it produces gases and acids as a result. These gases/acids are the foundation of keeping the friendly bacteria inside our bodies alive. An acid called butyrate is a great source of food for colon cells. This acid is only produced, when the bacteria is able to break down food that contains the resistance property.

This is further cemented by the fact that inflammation goes down, if these bacteria are present. It even reduces the risk of colon cancer. (5) It also reduces the number of farts that a person will do and makes it more comfortable.

There are also a growing number of scientists; that are of the belief that resistance has promising health benefits such as: treating diarrhea, ulcers, and other diseases.


Whether you like it or not, your metabolism directly affects how everything else in your body runs. Every mechanism in your body is in some way, connected to your metabolism. When, there are issues associated with your metabolism, it opens Pandora’s Box to a wide variety of problems. Serious disorders and fatal diseases can develop when issues with metabolism occurs.

Two factors that directly affect how your metabolism is run are your insulin and blood sugar. These factors manage how your body absorbs and uses the energy from the food that it consumes. When there’s a little amount of insulin response in your body, it produces all sorts of health benefits. These health benefits are reducing the risk of heart disease, weight problems, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and diseases that affect cognition.

Resistance has the ability to reduce insulin process (6) and manage your blood sugar levels effective. (7)

By, taking care of your metabolism – you’ll be able to create something very powerful. A powerful force that substantially cuts the risk of developing all sorts of dangerous diseases and increase your lifespan. Consuming foods that contain resistance can do all these things for you.

Another, reason to consume resistance is that it can assist you with weight loss. Although, it doesn’t have a direct link to weight loss – it can assist you with doing so.

Foods that contain resistance allow you to feel full faster. This is a biggest factor to controlling your appetite. If you feel full – you’ll eat less. Thus, consuming less calories.

If you are convinced of the properties of resistance, then here are the foods that contain the biggest amount of resistance: cashews, raw potatoes, bananas, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and yams.


There are many benefits to the resistance property. They contain essential nutrients that keep our cells alive. It helps you to fight off certain diseases and cancers. It can even keep you living longer as well and help you lose weight. There are many benefits. The bottom line is that you should consume foods that contain the resistance property.


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